“Alison is a very patient and calming influence while learning to drive. Being that little bit older than the usual learner I was more nervous than I’d like to admit. Alison kindly encouraged and taught me not only how the car worked but how to build my confidence while driving. Thank you for everything” - Faye, March 2020



“Thank you for everything! I ‘m really happy I found you as a driving instructor. Will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn in an auto car.  Take care and good luck for the future” - John, January 2020



“Hi Alison, first of all I would like to thank you for all the help and support you provided me in learning and passing my driving test.  Your ways of teaching are the best. You have a lot of patience while teaching. I liked the way you used to guide me when I made mistakes. You are very gentle and soft spoken. Not even once did you ever raised your voice or shouted at me when I made mistakes. I would recommend you highly as a driving Instructor to any of my friends or known people. May your business prosper and flourish. Thanks once again” - Milagrina, December 2019



“I still can’t believe what happened today. But I just wanted to say a massive thank you” - CM, December 2019



“I would highly recommend Alison as a excellent highly skilled driving instructor. Alison provided an amazing driving curriculum for me, which enabled me to move forward with my somewhat erratic understanding of how to drive. I passed my driving test with Alison, due to her incredible patience, understanding and knowledge of the bits I didn’t understand! Thank you Alison, you are the best teacher out there! I should know because over the years I had many! Well done to you for your amazing talent in providing a safe and secure and highly skilled, fun learning environment. It was great to learn with someone that could provide bespoke teaching at her fingertips!” - SG, November 2019



“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being an amazing driving instructor.  Gonna miss my lessons with you” - Chloe, March 2019



“Thank you so much for everything Alison, I’m so happy!” - Amy, March 2018


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